Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Kua Bay

Bo was staring intently at our lures off of Kailua, and a fish streaked towards one of them and.... nothing.  That's the closest we've come to catching a fish around here.

Honokahau Harbor went smoothly.  Water filled, garbage dropped, beer and ice purchased, Steve Halsey, pal of Clay's, taken aboard, and we were off.

The local knowledge brain trust aboard Puanani had a couple of potential anchorages queued up, but the first one we poked into, Kua Bay, looked good so we stopped there.

Kua Bay is a small but beautiful inlet a few miles north of Keahole Point.  White sand abounds from the beach out into the anchorage so the holding was great.  A light thermal onshore breeze was blowing when we arrived, so the anchors went down well offshore.  All was tranquil and beautiful.

At about 530PM the trade winds filled in from the opposite direction with a vengeance.  The boats swung 180 degrees which put them well offshore, outside the protection of the little bay, and into the trade wind chop from the Alenuihaha Channel.  It was rock and roll all night long.

All of the anchorages between Keahole Point and Kawaihae suffer from this potential exposure to the trade winds.  If you want to stop along the way, you may have to deal with this discomfort.

The wind and waves didn't stop  the squadron officers from gathering to enjoy cocktails and pupu aboard Maka'oi'oi at sunset.

At sunrise this morning we were visited by a couple of pods of spinner dolphin.  Dolphin go great with coffee.

We got an early start this morning and as I write this we are pounding along upwind with sails reefed heading for the Kawaihae Small Boat Harbor.  We should arrive before noon.

And finally, today's haiku submissions:

Blessed to have this wife!
Married above my station
I am a reacher!

Why no catch fishes
It is battle of wishes
Maybe fish too smart

Constantly trying

Hand lines, course and depth correct

Fish just will not bite

Bo learning cribbage

Drops the first three games and then

Kicks Noodle's butt twice


Hualalai, Kohala

Watching over fleet

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