Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Red Hill Anchorage

The anchorage in front of Clay's pal Bob's house was tight and it it was difficult to find sand to drop the anchor into, but once we got secured it turned out to be a lovely spot. 

Bob paddled a SUP out for cocktails aboard Puanani.  He departed at sunset and the Puanani officers dinghied over for dinner aboard Maka'oi'oi.  Marcy put out a 4th of July dinner - ribs, baked beans, grilled Teri beef and grilled egpgplant.  Awesome.

We agreed that all of last night's haikus were great, so I thought I'd share them.  In no particular order and authors to remain anonymous:

Maka'oi'oi on hook
Green flash no show tonight
Life with boys is goo!

He stands on the beach
Minding our own bidness ya'll
Get fuck outta here!

Upcoast power done
Maka'oi'oi anchor snug
Under red hill cliff

COVID staycation
Cruising Hawaii with friends
As good as it gets

Mauna Loa views
Healthy coral strewn bottom
Tranquil Okoe Bay

This morning Clay and Mark got up before first light to take Puanani out trolling for Ono.  The theory was that Ono feed at dawn, and it they went fishing at that time they'd have a better chance of catching one.  

No luck though.  They came back empty handed so we pulled Maka'oi'oi's anchor and the fleet moseyed north to Honokahau Harbor where we filled water and fuel, got rid of trash, and replenished our beer and ice supply.  Puanani also picked up a new crew member, Steve Halsey, a pal of Clay's.

As I write this we are poking along north of Keahole Point looking for an anchorage for the night.  This is Clay and Steve's stomping ground, so they are in charge of selecting a good one.


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